Lucky Reptile Jungle Bedding

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A brilliant rainforest reptile substrate, Lucky Reptile Jungle bedding is natural, safe, looks great and provides a healthy environment for your reptile to live on, all at Swell Reptiles' low prices.


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Product Information

Lucky Reptile Jungle Bedding is a special substrate mixture with sand which was specifically formulated for tropical terrariums.

High quality materials and well considered formulation ensure a high structural stability and excellent water storage abilities.

  • Even dried out substrate will quickly take up water again.
  • The pH value (approx. 5,5 - 6,5) is based on the leaf-humus layers of the tropical rainforest.
  • Neither surfactants nor fertilizers have been added.

We recommend the use of Lucky Reptile Hydro Drain and Hydro Fleece as drainage layer below the Lucky Reptile Jungle Bedding, to prevent the substrate from getting swampy, a typical problem in tropical terrariums.

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