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Lucky Reptile Nature's Treasure is a real treasure chest of exotic decor that will make any vivarium look fantastic. Sourced from the kinds of desert and rainforest countries where reptiles dwell they will give a natural magic to your pet's home. They are perfect for dart frogs.


Lucky Reptile Nature's Treasure contains a fantastic array of natural seed pods, nut shells and wooden leaves sourced from the far-flung homes of many of the most popular reptiles.

This treasure trove includes Badam, palm pod, Seru Fino, Jacaranda and Canoinhas.

The items in the treasure chest give a naturalistic look to your terrarium and also offer plenty of hiding places for your reptiles.

Dart frogs, bearded dragons, crested geckos, leopard geckos and snakes will all welcome these natural decorative items.

Typical content (each piece is around the size of an apple):

3x badam
2 x serufino
2 x palm pods
1 x jacaranda
3 x canoinhas

At a glance:

  • Sourced from the exotic homes of reptiles
  • Create realistic habitats for your pets
  • Includes seed pods, nut shells and leaves
  • Not chemically treated
  • Are great hides for reptiles

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