Lucky Reptile Palm Torch

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Nothing beats natural decoration, and this will provide that in your vivarium, and provide lovely natural looking decoration.


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Product Information

Lucky Reptile Palm Torch is the dried flower of a palm tree and can make the perfect vivarium decoration whether you have a desert or rainforest set-up. It is a natural piece of decor with an usual look that will really add a touch of realism to your reptile's environment.


Lucky Reptile Palm Torch are a versatile vivarium decoration that will look great in any natural vivarium.

The Palm Torch is ideal for any kind of environment whether jungle, rainforest, desert or savannah.

Palm torches are a natural decoration made from dried flowers of palm trees.

In a bearded dragon or leopard gecko vivarium for example they make a great natural hide on a desert habitat.

Or they can be used in a tropical rainforest set-up for example for a crested gecko or iguana that would enjoy climbing and jumping around the palm torch.

At a glance:

  • Natural decor made from palm flowers
  • Ideal for desert or rainforest set-ups
  • Can be used as a hide
  • Reptiles will love climbing on it
  • Perfect for bearded dragons, geckos and chameleons

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