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Lucky Reptile PRO Digital Timer

The best possible flexibility for controlling your vivarium equipment

At a glance...
  • A digital timer with a minimum setting of 1 second
  • Exceptional for controlling rain systems
  • Up to 8 On/Off time settings can be programmed
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The Lucky Reptile PRO Timer features a digital display and a minimum time setting of one second, making it one of the most accurate commercially available timers on the market.

Perfect for controlling your reptile lighting times down to the second, it can also be used to control rain and mist systems in your reptile terrarium, allowing you to more accurately simulate your reptile's natural environment, to its DAY/NIGHT cycle to tropical rainstorms.

Over the course of a 7 day period, you can programme the Lucky Reptile Pro Timer with up to 8 On-Off settings, allowing you a much greater control over mechanical timers which work on a 24 hour cycle.

This Lucky Reptile PRO Digital Timer also comes with a 1 year warranty.

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