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Lucky Reptile Pump-Up Sprayer (1.5ltr)

Continuously dose mist into your reptile's enclosure

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At a glance...
  • Easy and comfortable to use pump-up mister
  • Creates a humid atmosphere in your terrarium
  • Generous 1.5 litre capacity
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Rather than investing a lot of money in an automated humidity system, you can ensure your reptile lives in a humid environment with a Lucky Reptile 1.5 Ltr Pump-Up Sprayer from Swell Reptiles.

Much more affordable than mist systems, this Lucky Reptile Pump-Up Sprayer is easier and more comfortable to use than a trigger spray, having a continuous spray function after the unit receives a few pumps, keeping your hand from aching.

With a 1.5 litre capacity, you don't need to refill it min-way through a misting session unless your terrarium humidity levels are seriously low! Don't forget to monitor them with an accurate hygrometer humidity gauge.

  • Capacity: 1.5 litre.
  • Colour and design may vary from the picture shown.
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