Lucky Reptile Quappo Food

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Lucky Reptile Quappo Food is ideal for tadpoles, providing them with the optimum nutrition whilst growing.


  • Quappo Food 70g
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Product Information

The Quappo Food from Lucky Reptile provides the perfect amount of protein, algae and other vegetation all packed into a nutritious pellet for your tadpoles. The development required to go from tadpole to frog is huge, and ensuring they have the perfect nutrients to do this sucesfully is vital.

This is a supplementary food to be used alongside a more varied diet, providing your tadpoles with a varied and nutritous well-rounded diet. This 70g packet supports healthy development for your tadpole. To use, feed one or two times as much as your tadpoles can eat in 1-2 hours. Please consider that depending on the tadpole species the food might only be accepted once it has sunken to the floor. Remove any food that is uneaten after a few minutes.

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