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Lucky Reptile Reflector Set for Thermo Socket

Reflector set and guard for thermo socket units

At a glance...
  • Porcelain lamp holder
  • Help direct more of your reptile lighting into your enclosure
  • Complete with mesh guard and high-quality steel reflector
  • Designed for halogen and incandescent bulbs
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You can make the most of your Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket Pro by grabbing a Lucky Reptile Reflector set, ensuring that more of the important heat a light emitted by your Bright Sun lamp is directed towards your reptile, making your lighting more efficient and justifying the increase in your electricity bill due to you keeping a reptile.

Complete with a mesh guard, the reflector not only directs more light towards your reptile, but it ensures that nothing can touch the hot element within and receive a nasty burn. Lucky Reptile also do larger Reflector sets as well.

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