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Lucky Reptile Reflector Sets

Help direct more of your life-giving heat from reptile lighting into your enclosure

At a glance...
  • Reflector Sets help direct more of your reptile lighting into your enclosure
  • Sets consist of a high-quality steel reflector and a wire mesh
  • Designed for basking lamps
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Lucky Reptile Reflector Sets consist off a high quality steel reflector and a wire mesh.

They are made as addition to the Thermo Socket lamp holder sets.

The reflector can be placed between the two lamp holder pieces.

Available in two sizes.

  • Small for spot lamps up to 75w.
  • Large as extra long reflector for compact and mercury vapour lamps.
Product Lucky Reptile Reflector Set - Small Lucky Reptile Reflector Set - Large
Dimensions D:14.5cm x H:13cm D:14.5cm x H:19cm
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