Lucky Reptile Rose of Jericho

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A natually beautiful artificial plant, this Lucky Reptile Rose of Jericho looks very much at home in desert reptile vivariums, adding to the semantics of your arid reptile home, all at the best price from Swell Reptiles.


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Product Information

Rose of Jericho is an amazing plant that will look fantastic inside any vivarium - especially a desert setup. The plant dries up to look like tumbleweed but then when you wet it, it unfolds and the whole plant becomes green again. They don't call it the resurrection plant for nothing!


Rose of Jericho is a plant that's unique to the Holy Land - and unsurprisingly has been dubbed the resurrection plant. Because it dries itself out and goes brown, but when you add water to it, it unfolds and becomes newly green again.

Looking like tumbleweed, the Rose of Jericho is ideal for any desert vivarium especially those native to the Middle East like the leopard gecko.

It looks like dry woody tumbleweed, but when you add water to it the leaves go green again - and once it dries it reverts back to its brown state.

Not only is this plant a talking point in itself, it also makes a unique and attractive decoration for your vivarium.

At a glance:

  • Perfect for a desert vivarium
  • Unusual plant that's a real talking point
  • When dry looks like desert tumbleweed
  • Once wet it unfolds and becomes green again
  • Allow it to dry and it goes brown and curls up again

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