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Prices dropped in our January Sale + Get up to £12 extra OFF! - SEE CODE >

Lucky Reptile Super Rain II- Mist System

The ultimate humidity equipment

At a glance...
  • Terrarium misting system great for tropical species
  • Features angled spray nozzles
  • Upgraded model with a quiet and powerful water pump
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For many keepers of rainforest reptiles, the Lucky Reptile Super Rain II Mist System is the ultimate in humidity equipment, producing large quantities of mist and fog to hydrate your reptile's rainforest terrarium to allow them to thrive.

As you might expect, rainfall in the rainforest is pretty regular, and the hot temperatures experienced there mean that evaporation is rapid, often creating a misty and humid atmosphere, and because this is the environment your crested gecko or other rainforest reptile evolved in, these are the conditions that will allow them to live healthy, happy lives in your home.

This high performance mist system has a low voltage pump that achieves up to 162 L/h and 4.8 bar and can be used with over 15 spray nozzles in single or multiple terrariums.

The spray nozzles have an angle of 50 and can be rotated through 360 degrees due to the special attachment system. They can be installed in glass terrariums easily using the suction cups included. In addition a dripping valve is supplied that can be used for watering the plants inside the terrarium. Often plants will not get enough water simply by spraying. Thanks to the filter the water can be pumped out directly of the water part of your terrarium/paludarium creating a closed circuit. An overflow valve prevents the pump from damage if nozzles become blocked.

Included in the box:

  • Low noise/low voltage pump.
  • 12V transformer.
  • 4 spray nozzles.
  • 1 dripping valve.
  • Water filter.
  • Water reservoir.
  • 5m of tubing.
  • All necessary connectors.

Also available from the Super Rain range: Super Rain Nano and Super Rain PRO.

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