Lucky Reptile Super Rain PRO - Mist System

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Lucky Reptile Super Rain PRO is a higher output and more powerful version of the popular Super Rain, ideally suited for larger collections, shop-fit use or really large set-ups.


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Product Information

Using a mist system, such as the Lucky Reptile Super Rain PRO, will not only increase the humidity in your vivarium or terrarium, but also play an important role in supplying drinking water for your pets and plants, especially in rainforest set-ups. This Lucky Reptile Super Rain system is the ultimate in humidity equipment, producing large quantities of mist and fog to hydrate your reptile's rainforest terrarium, allowing them to thrive in a more naturalistic environment.

The Super Rain PRO can deliver 4 litres per minute to a maximum of 25 nozzles and features a back-pressure valve. The system also has a modulator for controlling the performance as desired, which makes it possible to adapt this system for use in smaller set-ups. Thanks to specially designed housing, with noise reflecting inner walls and a decoupled, rubber cushioned pump mounting, the new Super Rain range is the quietest yet.

Included in the box:

  • Low noise/low voltage pump.
  • 10 x T-nozzles.
  • 10m tubing.
  • 1 x dripper.
  • 1 x bulkhead.
  • NO WATER TANK as this will depend on the installation method and volume required for the operational use.

Also available from the Super Rain range: Super Rain II and Super Rain Nano.

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