Lucky Reptile Terra Fan Set

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Sometimes, its not heating up that is needed, its the cooling down thats more important!


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Product Information

Lucky Reptile Terra Fan Set consists of 2 temperature controlled fans to help circulate the air in your reptile vivarium, keeping it from stagnating and ensuring old air is ventilated and new air is drawn in due to the displacement.

While most reptile equipment is geared towards creating heat, sometimes your vivarium can become too hot, and this Lucky Reptile Terra Fan Set can help with that, producing a cooling breeze and aiding ventilation.

A low voltage mini fan system, you can add controllers to control the temperature of the fans. Depending on the temperature the fan speed will decrease or increase to allow for optimal conditions inside the terrarium.

This is only the add-on fans available, to be used with the original unit, which is now out of stock.

Product characteristics at a glance:

  • Low noise low voltage fan.
  • Temperature controlled fan speed.
  • Ensures proper ventilation of the terrarium.
  • Prevents foul air.
  • The fans are excellent for animals that need high air circulation like chameleons.
  • One transformer can be used with up to 4 fans.

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    Date 21/11/2015 12:11pm
    Lucky Reptile Terra Fan Add on X1
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    good add on
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    Date 05/08/2015 07:08am
    Lucky Reptile Terra Fan Add on X1
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    Quiet operation and simple to fit