Lucky Reptile Thermo Control II

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A fantastic digital thermostat, this Lucky Reptile Thermo Control II can handle reptile heating systems up to 12,000w to achieve the best and most consistent temperature for your reptiles - ordered at the best price from Swell Reptiles.


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Product Information

The Thermo Control is a digital thermostat (and thermometer) with a temperature range of 0-50°C and is ideal for your reptile's terrarium or vivarium.

Heaters of up to 1200W total can be connected through a Schuko coupling and run efficiently to give yoru reptile the warmth it needs.

A second Schuko coupling is controlled through an integrated timer. It can be used to set operating hours for lighting or ventilators. The external sensor can measure in water and air.

In addition the Thermo Control II has an alarm function which warns optically and acoustically if the measured temperature is too high or too low (value can be set).

Product characteristics at a glance:

  • With separate timer e.g. for lighting or ventilator.
  • Alarm function for temperature differences (adjustable between 1 deg and 5 deg C).
  • Measured temperature is displayed.
  • Receptacles with earthing.
  • External heat sensor with 2 metre cable.
  • For heaters up to 1200 watts!

Recommended for use with heat mats, heating cables, rock heaters and ceramic heat emitters to prevent the terrarium from overheating.

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