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Spend and Save up to £15 this Christmas - SEE CODES. >

Lucky Reptile Thermo Control Pro II Thermostat

A precise, multifunctional thermostat

At a glance...
  • Self timed digital thermostat for day and night mode
  • Establish a natural heating pattern for your reptile
  • Handles larger heating equipment than most
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The Thermo Control PRO II reptile thermostat is an upgrade from the Thermo Control II in that you can switch into day and night mode.

This is done through the realtime clock and two temperature circuits which make it possible to set different temperatures for day and night.

The thermostat can be switched from Heating to Cooling mode, e.g. for using fans. The maximum load is 1000W and the temperature area 0°-50°C.

Product characteristics at a glance:

  • Two temperature circuits for different day and night settings.
  • Realtime Clock, switching between day/night mode is realizes over clock.
  • Separate Timer Function.
  • Measured temperature is displayed.
  • Can be switched between Heating and Cooling mode.
  • Alarm function for temperature differences (adjusted between 1 deg and 15 deg C).
  • External heat sensor with 2 metre cable.
  • Receptacle with earthing.
  • For heaters up to 1,000 watts.

Recommended for use with heat mats, heating cables, rock heaters and ceramic heat emitters to prevent the terrarium or vivarium from overheating.

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