Lucky Reptile Thermo Mat 3w - 62w

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A great reptile heat mat made to the highest standards, the Lucky Reptile Thermo Mat (3w - 62w) is reliable and safe to use, helping to maintain the right temperature for your reptile to thermo-regulate.


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Product Information

Lucky Reptile have poured their years of industry and reptile care experience into this fantastic range of Thermo Mats - heat mats for giving reptiles a little extra warmth, vital to their ability to thrive in the environment you have created for them.

Nearly all reptiles require plenty of extra heat for thermo-regulation, including things like metabolic function, good digestion and the circulation of blood around their body, and you need to ensure they are getting the right level of heat for their species for their health and wellbeing.

An easy way to do this with many species is with a heat mat, like these Lucky Reptile Thermo-Mats, sold at discounted prices from Swell Reptiles.

Using the adhesive tape, you can attach these mats to the walls, ceiling or the bottom of your glass terrarium (not a wooden vivarium) to give your reptile a little extra heat, increasing the ambient air temperature with a non-visible light that won't upset their sleeping patterns, keeping them even healthier.

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    Date 25/08/2017 14:08pm
    Lucky Reptile Thermo Mat 62w (115 x 27.5cm)
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    Need to evaluate longevity. Works perfect so far.
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    Date 03/05/2015 11:05am
    Lucky Reptile Thermo Mat 42w (78 x 27.5cm)
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