Lucky Reptile Thermo Mat Pro

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A professional standard reptile heat mat, this Lucky Reptile Thermo Mat Pro is safer, more powerful and made to a higher standard that almost any on the market. Get it at the best price from Swell Reptiles with Next Working Day Delivery methods available.


  • Thermo Mat Pro 20w (35 x 20cm)
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Product Information

A step- from regular reptile heat mats, these Lucky Reptile Thermo Mat PROs are made to an even better standard than their standard heat mats, and feature extra pros to make keeping your reptile warm even easier.

Waterproof and with an extra layer of insulation, Lucky Reptile Thermo-Mat PROs are suitable for warming wet or moist substrate, making them perfect for hot and humid terrariums inhabited by rainforest reptiles. This also causes the moisture locked in your substrate to evaporate and increase the all-important humidity in your rainforest terrarium, letting your reptile thrive.

Famed for their ability to heat gently and evenly across their surface area, Thermo-Mat PROs also feature a safety cut-off, meaning that they will shut down if the temperature approaches potentially harmful levels, therefore reducing the risk of fire of burns to your reptile.

Available in a huge range of different sizes and with varying wattages to allow you to pick the one most suitable for your particular species of reptile.

Please note the mat is now an oval shape.

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