Lucky Reptile Thermo Mat Strip

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Great for partially heated terrariums or for ones racked in series, these Lucky Reptile Thermo Mat Strips are available at the best prices here at Swell Reptiles, with fast delivery options available.


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  • Thermo Strip 30w (115 x 15cm) Sale
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Product Information

Using the same technology as their ever-popular thermo mats, these Lucky Reptile Thermo Mat Strips are perfect for heating snake racks containing multiple snake enclosures at once, giving them the heat they need for thermo-regulation and general health and wellbeing. Perfect and safe when used with our Swell Thermostat!

Used with a mat stat to regulate the heat at the correct temperatures, these Lucky Reptile Thermo-Mat Strips can be attached to the bottom or side of your glass terrarium (not wooden vivariums) to provide a gentle yet reliable heat, warming the objects and substrate in your reptile home.

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