Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket plus Reflector

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Needed to run the Bright Sun mercury vapour lamps, these Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket plus Reflector sets are available at the best price and will allow you to get the best performance out of your lighting and heating systems.


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Product Information

The Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket features a porcelain lamp holder, a high quality steel reflector, a wire mesh protector and a silicon power lead - all the best components you could hope for in a professional quality reptile light fitting.

The Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket is designed to be used exclusively with the Bright Control light controller and Bright Sun lamp, and so you need to factor this in when buying and using with your reptile terrarium.

It comes ready to use with accessories and detailed instructions for fitting, ensuring your reptile set-up is perfect.

This high-quality lamp holder also features a wire mesh protector over the 'open end' of the fitting to prevent your reptiles from burning themselves on the bulb.

The steel reflector focuses the light and acts as sight protection, preventing being dazzled by the light.

The wire mesh protector is placed on the bottom of the reflector and prevents that the reptiles can get in contact with the bulb.

Can be used for: E27 incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, ceramic heat emitters and self ballasted fluorescent compact lamps with up to 300w. For use with the Lucky Reptile Bright Sun UV you will need the external ballast and it will need to be hard wired in by an electrician.

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    Lucky Reptile Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket plus Reflector (Mini)
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    Nice compact lamp with great brightness