Lucky Reptile Thermometer - Hygro Deluxe PRO

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Lucky Reptile Thermometer - Hygro Deluxe PRO units are a combined thermometer and hydrometer, measuring both temperature and humidity to a professional standard of accuracy. Order yours from Swell Reptiles to get it at the best price.


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Product Information

A step up from normal analogue thermometers and hygrometers, this Lucky Reptile Thermometer - Hygro Deluxe Pro provides digitally accurate humidity and temperature readings from your vivarium or terrarium and displays them on the easy to read digital screen, rather than relying on analogue methods.

While the main unit sits outside the reptile home to give you easy access to the readings, the 3 remote sensors are placed discreetly inside your terrarium to capture the essential heat and humidity data, so essential for giving your reptile the best environment to live in.

Featuring 3 probe-sensors, one measures humidity (roughly the same around the terrarium) while the other two heat sensors can be placed in both the hot and cold areas of your reptile home, giving you the big picture in terms of your pet's environment.

  • Saves the minimum and maximum temperatures
  • Measures both humidity and temperature
  • Flexible installation

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