Lucky Reptile Thermometer/Hygrometer

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Great for monitoring the two biggest environmental factors in your reptile home, this Lucky Reptile Thermometer/Hygrometer checks up on humidity and temperature, ensuring you have the knowledge to make accurate adjustments to your heating and humidity systems.


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Product Information

Unlike most Thermometer and hygrometer combinations, this Lucky Reptile Thermo-Hydrometer features 2 different displays to remove the potential confusion while monitoring the temperature and humidity within your reptile terrarium.

Perfect for rainforest reptiles who need plenty of heat and humidity to thrive, the Lucky Reptile Thermo-hygrometer is easy to install and simple to read, providing accurate readings from inside your terrarium so you can take action should the heat or humidity be less than desirable, helping your reptile lead a happy and healthy life.

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    Lucky Reptile Thermometer/Hygrometer
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