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Lucky Reptile Tronchos Cork Branch

Ideal for adding natural decor to your enclosure

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At a glance...
  • Natural piece of long-lasting wood
  • Each branch is unique
  • Adds height in arboreal set ups
  • Can be used as foundation for vines
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This natural Tronchos Cork Branch is perfect for adding height in arboreal set ups, or as a feature piece in terrestrial environments. These can be used in forest or arid set ups, and provide a natural piece of decoration to add enrichment to your reptiles enclosure.

The Cork Branch is a completely natural piece of wood, and as such every single piece is different. We have small pieces of 30 - 40cm available, but the shape and orientation of each piece will vary. This long-lasting piece of wood provides a hard surface that is ideal to create basking platforms, can secure vines that are wrapped around it, or just to utilise the height of your enclosure fully.

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