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This Magnet & Steel Pet Expert Tortoise Book is a fantastic care guide, letting you know all the fun little secrets about your tortoise and the best way to look after it. A greatly informative and easy to read book.


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Product Information

If you are searching for an easy to read, but reliable and authoritative text on the care of tortoises, then look no further than this book, Tortoise: Understanding and Caring for your Pet by Lance Jepson - a Cambridge University Graduate who has made a successful career giving well respected lectures on reptile care.

With Tortoises, there is a low of ground to cover, and this book doesn't skimp on the pages - each one is made from high quality paper and is illustrated with stunning and professional standard photos to aid your learning experience, whether you are a novice or an experienced tortoise keeper.

With so many different species of tortoise in the world, there is always more to learn, but most of it, from the basics to advanced knowledge, is contained within the superbly written book.

Learn about all aspects or tortoise care, from their captive habitat including lighting, heating and substrates, to their diet, health and reproduction.

Grab a copy of this reader-friendly and hugely informative book from Swell Reptiles at a low price and with Next Working Day Delivery options available!

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