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Magnet & Steel Pet Expert Bearded Dragon Book

Find loads of expert Bearded Dragon keeping advice in this book

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  • Bearded Dragon keeping book for reptile keepers
  • Packed full of expert tips and advice
  • Covers every aspect of Bearded Dragon care
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Everything you could want in a Bearded Dragon care book, Bearded Dragons: Understanding and Caring for your Pet is a full colour, stunningly illustrated reptile guidebook, featuring all the information you need to know about the care of Bearded Dragons. It also covers information on other big lizards like Rankin's Dragon

Published by Magnet & Steel, this informative and accessible book is written by famous rep-vet Lance Jepson who studied at Cambridge University and has taken to lecturing on the subject of reptile care on a global scale.

The book itself includes chapters on all the essential and interesting aspects of 'Beardie' acre, including:

  • Setting up your habitat - Vivariums
  • Beardie Natural history
  • Dragon Diet
  • Behaviour
  • Hierarchical interactions
  • Colour and structural morphs
  • Temperature
  • Lighting
  • Nutrition
  • Buying a bearded dragon
  • Reproduction

Covering all the basics and moving right through to advanced knowledge, this Pet Expert guide will be adored by novices and experts alike. Printed on high quality paper for a beautiful feel, this book is a perfect gift for the reptile lover in your life.

It contains hundreds of professional-grade photographs inside to aid your learning - something missing from most bearded dragon non-fiction, making it a pleasure even when you are just thumbing through the pages.

At a glance:

  • Ideal for beginner and advanced
  • Full colour
  • 192 pages
  • Stunning photographs
  • Clear and informative
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