Mega-Ray Multi-Wattage Ballast

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Mega-Ray's Multi-Wattage Electronic Ballast is required to ensure trouble-free operation of the Mega-Ray metal halide lamps.


  • Multi-Wattage Ballast 35w, 50w & 70w
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Product Information

Mega-Ray's electronic ballast is required to ensure simple operation of the Mega-Ray metal halide lamps. These devices are configured to ensure easy installation. This "multi-dim" device has a power regulator of 35 - 50 - 70w, which allows the use of lamps of different powers.

A ceramic socket E27 is enclosed.

  • Lamp Nominal Wattage: 35/50/70w
  • System Wattage: 80w
  • Nominal Voltage: 230v
  • Operating Voltage: 110...240v
  • Operating Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Lamp Voltage: 85v
  • Lamp Current: 0,53/0,68/0,98 A
  • Case Temperature Max: 85°C
  • Ambient Temperature: -25...55 °C
  • Case Length: 190mm
  • Case Width: 95mm
  • Case Height: 42mm
  • Weight: 1.1kg

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