Microclimate AHS Heaters

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Great for heating larger vivariums that due to their volume cannot be heated by bulbs alone, these Microclimate AHS Heaters are safe to use but can really help boost your ambient air temperature to help your reptile thermo-regulate for health.


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Product Information

Microclimate AHS Heaters are perfect for heating larger vivariums where basking lamps won't raise the temperature sufficiently to your reptile's optimum levels, making them most commonly a favourite with keepers of boas, larger pythons and monitors.

Each one features an integrated thermostat, making extra purchases unnecessary and saving you money, and meaning AHS heaters can be set to whatever ambient temperature your reptile requires for optimum healthy living.

With 4 different sizes to choose from 150w to 500w, you have plenty of options at Swell, with a 250w heater doing a good job of heating a 48" vivarium.

This heating system is self-contained and includes a ceramic heater, pulse proportional thermostat, heat reflector, automatic thermal trip and enclosure.

If you're looking for a product with everything all rolled in to one, the Microclimate AHS Heater is a great buy as it is excellent value for money and ensures that you have all the right pieces of kit that will work well alongside one another.

Maximum temperature 35C.

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