Microclimate DL1 Dimming Thermostat

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Great for a huge range of reptile heating equipment, this Microclimate DL1 Dimming Thermostat adjusts the amount of power going to your heating units in accordance with the temperature inside the vivarium, giving you consistent heating results.


  • DL1 Dimming Thermostat
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Product Information

Microclimate DL1 thermostats are dimming thermostats designed for use with a wide range of reptile heating equipment, from Heat mats to incandescent heat and light bulbs, controlling the temperature they achieve in your reptile terrarium or vivarium and keeping it within desired parameters.

Featuring a cleverly designed microprocessor, fed data from your reptile home via a sensors, it knows whether your vivarium or terrarium is too hot or cold, determined by your pre-set parameters, and adjusts the amount of power fed to your heating equipment accordingly.

Capable of handling heating equipment up to 600 watts, this is a reliable and well-made reptile thermostat with a range of uses for giving your reptile the best environment possible to live in.

Each one comes with a 5 year warranty too, so you can rest easy when you buy a Microclimate DL1 from Swell Reptiles at the lowest price.

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