Microclimate DL1ME Day/Night Dimming Thermostat

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The first choice of many pro reptile keepers using light-emitting heating equipment, this Microclimate DL1ME Day/Night Dimming Thermostat is reliable, accurate and efficient, maintaining a healthy temperature in your vivarium or terrarium,


  • DL1ME Day/Night Dimming Thermostat
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Product Information

A dimming thermostat with the added benefit of Magic Eye technology, the Microclimate DL1ME can be used to accurately utilise light-emitting reptile heat bulbs and other units, as well as automatically reduce heat when night time comes around, better simulating your reptile's natural environment and allowing a normal day/night cycle.

Able to handle heating equipment between 5 and 600 watts, including heat mats, ceramic heaters and incandescent bulbs, the Microclimate DL1ME comes with a 5 year warranty and reduces heat levels automatically at night once you have set its' heat parameters.

Featuring 3 integrated alarms to alert you should your reptile environment encounter problems with its' temperature.

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