Microclimate DL2 Pulse Thermostat

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Great for use with non-light-emitting heating equipment, this Microclimate DL2 Pulse Thermostat sends varying pulses to the heaters to maintain a consistent air temperature inside your reptile home.


  • DL2 Pulse Thermostat
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Product Information

The Microclimate DL2 Pulse Proportional thermostat analyses the temperature in your reptile vivarium or terrarium and adjusts the intensity of pulses it sends to your heating equipment accordingly, helping to maintain a constant a reliable temperature for your reptile for the good of their overall health and wellbeing.

Each Microclimate DL2 is a Pulse proportional thermostat, meaning that it is suitable for heat mats and ceramic heaters only, and cannot be used with light-emitting bulbs, but will run everything else superbly between 5 and 600 watts.

  • Integrated alarms for temperature fluctuation alerts
  • 5 year warranty
  • Microprocessor controlled

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