Microclimate HC 6 Heating and Cooling 600w Combined Thermostat

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One thing your heating equipment can never do is cool things down if they need to, unless you use the Microclimate HC 6 Heating and Cooling 600w Combined Thermostat system, available at the best prices from Swell Reptiles.


  • HC 6 Heating and Cooling Combined 600w Thermostat
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Product Information

While most reptile thermostats are only capable or reducing power to heating equipment when temperatures get too high, the Microclimate HC 6 Heating & Cooling 600w Combined Thermostat can do both.

Most reptile thermostats, including most of the successful models made by Microclimate and superb at ensuring temperatures in your reptile vivarium or terrarium do not drop below their given parameters, however they are often poor at reducing temperature, only being able to turn off heating equipment rather than actively reduce it.

The Microclimate HC6 Heater and Cooler allows for a fan as well as your heating equipment, helping to ventilate super-heated air by circulating it in, around and out of your reptile's habitat, making it safer for them.

If ambient air temperature or direct sunlight are superheating your reptile home, this is the thermostat for you. It's an ON/OFF Thermostat, meaning the 600w capability (300w to each device) is either fully on or fully off - no half measures, but it also means you can use whatever heating equipment you want, from bulbs to ceramic heaters and heat mats.

It also features a display with 3 LEDS so you know what your heating equipment is doing, indicating whether the fan or the heating equipment is currently operational.

At a glance:

  • Dual heating and cooling thermostat
  • Maximum 600w shared power
  • Digitally controlled by microprocessor technology
  • Recessed control dials for safety
  • Colour coded LEDs

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    Date 07/09/2018 09:09am
    Microclimate HC 6 Heating and Cooling Combined 600w Thermostat
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    Good, reasonably easy to set up and operate. Only issue is I didn't realize it would also need a fan, but that may have been somewhere in the small print.