Microclimate Heat Mats

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Reliable, durable and safe, this famous range of Microclimate Heat Mats are great for providing your reptile with a little ambient warmth in their habitat. Get them at the best price here at Swell Reptiles.


  • 28.5 x 12 inch Heat Mat (38w)
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  • 47 x 12 inch Heat Mat (63w)
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Product Information

Microclimate Heat Mats are perfect for reptiles who require heat in the form of ultra-long wavelength infrared, rather than from a heat bulb or AHS Heater.

Excellent providers of gentle heat, Microclimate Heat Mats come in 7 different sizes, each with increasing wattages to provide the right amount of heat for your specific reptile. Superb for terrariums and some vivariums (when used with a heat mat holder), they give your reptile the warmth they need to look after their health and make them feel at home.

Each one is made from high quality printed carbon, which when the unit is run emits the heat. We recommend the heat mat to be no larger than half the floor space of the vivarium.

Microclimate heat mats can be plugged directly into a mains socket, but we strongly recommend the use of a thermostat like the ministat.

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