Microclimate MiniStat 100

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Microclimate MiniStat 100's are perfect for running smaller heating equipmen up to 100w, such as heat matts and smaller heat emitters.


  • MiniStat 100
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Product Information

Perfect for smaller vivariums and terrariums, the Microclimate MiniStat 100 thermostat accurately monitors the temperature in your reptile home and adjusts your heating equipment accordingly via a singular 100w output.

Using a Microclimate MiniStat 100 with your reptile heating equipment means that even the smallest reptile homes can benefit from exact heating conditions, giving your reptile a suitably heated environment in which they can live their life with both health and happiness.

The MiniStat uses a highly analytical sensor, placed in your reptile's vivarium and a microprocessor to analyse whether your heating equipment should be switched on or off to achieve your desired temperature.

Perfect for use with a reptile heat mat, it comes with a generous 5 year warranty and a 13a plug from Swell Reptiles, with Next Working Day Delivery options available.

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