Microclimate Mounting Bracket

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This Microclimate Mounting Bracket is designed to be used with the Microclimate EVO range, the EVO, EVO Pro and EVO Lites. It attaches the thermostat securely and keeps things neat and tidy.


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Product Information

The Microclimate Mounting Bracket for their EVO range is ideal to mount your thermostat easily and neatly, making them easier to use and get to, but also displaying them nicely next to your chosen reptile set up.

This set comes with the mounting bracket itself, and also 2 sets of screws - 40mm for the EVO light, and 20mm for the EVO and EVO Pro, which attaches the thermostat itself to the mounting bracket. There are no screws supplied to attach the bracket to your chosen unit, as this could be wood/wall/plastic, and you will need to supply the correct screws accordingly.

This is easy to install, and will improve both the look and function of your enclosure, with your thermostat being easy to reach.

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