Microclimate Prime 1

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Microclimate Prime 1 is a fantastic new thermostat developed by some of the world's best. With this unit, you can control multiple heating systems easily, simplifying your electrical systems and making them more efficient.


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Product Information

A hugely respected brand, Microclimate have upped their game with this Microclimate Prime 1 reptile thermostat, giving you better and more reliable options for the care of your reptile.

Featuring multiple outputs from a single thermostat unit, you can control heating equipment more easily, with multiple timed-temperatures pre-set by you, a night-time temperature drop and multiple time settings, better allowing you to simulate your reptile's natural environment for their health and wellbeing.

With a combined output of 1200w, it has plenty of power running through it to run the big stuff, a USB port for updates and it can be used as a dimming OR a pulse proportional thermostat - a real multi-tool.

With one output capable of running a timed unit as an on/off thermostat, and another that runs a dimming or pulse output, you can control more heating equipment for one single thermostat unit - brilliant!

  • 1x Dimming or Pulse output
  • 1x Timed On/Off output
  • Up to 1200w combined
  • Data Logging options
  • USB port for computer updates
  • Night Time Temperature Drop
  • Alarms for sudden changes in temperature
  • 5 Year Warranty!

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