MistKing Misting System

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A high performance misting system designed for most rain forest species like frogs and chameleons. An excellent misting system that is robust, very reliable and at an affordable price!


  • Starter Misting System
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  • Ultimate Misting System
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  • Advanced Misting System
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Product Information

For the last decade, MistKing have engineered highly advanced misting systems which have enhanced the keeping and breeding of reptiles and amphibians for hobbyists and zoos across the globe. The MistKing systems are renowned for their ultra-quiet pumps, incredibly fine mist and long-life performance. Many keepers still have systems which have been running over a decade.

This is the latest 4th generation Starter Misting System. It is basic in its design to act as a starting point for customisation or to be used on a small scale the way it is. This system is based on a robust pump with our latest timer providing exceptional and reliable performance. It can easily run 1 nozzle or can be upgraded to as many as 10. If you're planning to run more than 10 be sure to upgrade the pump or order the Ultimate or Advanced Misting Systems.

Starter Misting System IncludesUltimate Misting System IncludesAdvanced Misting System Includes
24V DC misting pump.24V DC misting pump.Large capacity diaphragm pump with 3/8" fittings.
Pump power adapter.Pump power adapter.24V Power adapter - 110V.
Reservoir bulkhead with O-ring and plug.Reservoir bulkhead with O-ring and plug.3/8" reservoir bulkhead with plug.
15 feet of 1/4" black opaque tubing.1/4" Manual Ball Valve.3/8" Ball Valve.
1 Value "L" misting assembly.25 feet of 1/4" black opaque tubing.35 feet of 1/4" black opaque tubing.
5 tubing clips with screws.ZipDrip.15 feet of 3/8" black opaque tubing.
Digital Seconds Timer ST-24.3 Value "T" misting assemblies.12 Value "T" Misting Assemblies.
Installation instructions."T" connector.3 Value "L" Misting Assemblies.
Supports up to 10 nozzles."L" connector.2 Reducing Tee Connections (3/8" to 1/4").

10 tubing clips with screws.1 Reducing Elbow Connections (3/8" to 1/4").

Tubing cutter with collect tool.20 1/4" Tubing Clips.

Digital Seconds Timer ST-24.10 3/8" Tubing Clips.

Installation instructions.Digital Seconds Timer ST-24.

Supports up to 20 nozzles.Installation instructions.

Supports 70+ Nozzles.

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