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Spend and Save up to £15 this Christmas - SEE CODES. >

Monkfield Clear Vented Hatchling Box

An easy-to-clean reptile and invertebrate home

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  • Multipurpose reptile hatchling box
  • Made from durable plastic with a pre vented design
  • Measures L:28 x D:16.5 x H:10cm
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A durable reptile incubator designed for snakes and other species to lay eggs.

What is Monkfield Clear Vented Hatchling Box?

Monkfield Clear Vented Hatchling Box is a multi-use reptile box designed for Corn snakes, Hognose snakes and other snake hatchlings. This egg-laying hide allows your reptile eggs to develop healthily. Measuring L:28 x D:16.5 x H:10cm, hatchling boxes are made from clear durable plastic that allows you to see your reptile eggs from every angle, and feature vents for maximum airflow.

Can I use this hatchling box as a home for invertebrates?

Yes, Monkfield hatchling boxes are suitable as a more permanent home for invertebrates and can even be a temporary home for your reptile. They can also be used to transport your pet and can be easily cleaned and disinfected. We recommend purchasing a wooden vivarium for snakes and other reptiles larger than hatchlings

Do I need an incubation substrate for my egg-laying hide?

We recommend using an incubation substrate like vermiculite to support the healthy development of eggs into high-yielding clutches. Since it retains a lot of moisture, it can be used to increase humidity without soaking the eggs.

Material Plastic
Dimensions L:28 x D:16.5 x H:10 cm
Colour Clear
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