Practical Reptile Keeping Understanding and Caring for your Amphibian

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A great informative booklet giving you detailed information regarding the care of Amphibians, in a 100 page information booklet. This glossy A4 magazine is a great collectors piece, especially with the others in the series, Lizard, Snake and Tortoise.


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This booklet will help you to discover how to care for a wide range of different types of amphibians, as well as being able to breed them successfully in a terrarium. There are interesting insights into amphibian behaviour included as part of the text, which extends to roughly 50,000 words overall.

This covers a wide variety of topics, and includes dart frogs, salamanders, axolotls, newts, fire-bellied toads and many others. It will prove to be an invaluable reference, whether you are just starting out, or are already an experienced amphibian keeper.

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