Practical Reptile Keeping Understanding and Caring for your Lizards

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Practical Pet Series on Understanding and Caring for your Lizard, this A4 booklet covers a variety of species, and in great in combination with the rest of the series, including Tortoise, Snake and Amphibian.


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There is a vastly diverse range of lizards, from Leopard and Crested geckos, through to the ever popular Bearded Dragons and their relatives, plus also more colourful Chameleons, that are now kept and regularly bred by enthusiasts.

Some lizards can become very tame, while others delight with their lively natures and beauty in attractively landscaped enclosures. Discover those which appeal most to you, and how to look after them, all in one booklet.

There is more than 20 popular lizard groups covered here, and there is in-depth discussion of their breeding requirements as well as health matters.

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