Practical Reptile Keeping Understanding and Caring for your Tortoise

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Practical Pets Series fantastic 'Tortoises' Guide, which explains everything that you need to know about understanding and caring for your pet tortoise in 100 pages.


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Practical Pets Series in-depth 'Tortoises' guide covers everything that you need to know about popular pet tortoise breeds from all around the world. So whether you keep European or Mediterrean tortoises, you'll b able to get all the latest information on topics such as feeding, hibernation, breeding and overall health care.

The guide also serves as a great introduction to understanding of tortoise behaviour, and makes a great collectors piece, especially when combined with the rest of the series, including Lizard, Snake and Amphibian.

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    Date 03/05/2017 15:05pm
    Practical Reptile Keeping Tortoise
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    My first tortoise book, gonna be good to own to keep looking back at, and learn more.