ProRep Bulb Converter - ES and BS Fittings

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Ideal for converting bulbs when you have the wrong fitting, these can change your holder to ES or BC, whichever you require. Simply to use and easy to install, these can be used on any Bayonet BC fitting, or Screw ES fitting.


  • BC to ES Converter for ES Bulbs
    code: LMH055 In Stock (Only 3 left!)
  • ES to BC Converter for BC Bulbs
    code: LMH060 In Stock (Only 3 left!)

Product Information

Sometimes the right bulb for your reptile won't fit in to your existing light fittings, with one being a ES (E27) screw fitting, and one being a bayonet cap fitting, but you can solve the problem easily with a ProRep BC to ES or ES to BC Converter.

Rather than buying all new reptile fittings, which can costly, just use a ProRep BC to ES Converter to allow your ES fitting bulbs to be run from your BC reptile lamp fittings.

Max: 60 watt.

Latest Customer Reviews

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    Date 27/01/2020 18:01pm
    ProRep BC to ES Converter for ES Bulbs
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    Great as we were struggling to get bayonet bulbs for the iguana's tank
  • Rating
    Date 21/11/2019 07:11am
    ProRep ES to BC Converter for BC Bulbs
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    Great buy saves throwing some bulbs