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ProRep Beardie Feed Growing Kit

Everything you need to grow edible plants for Bearded dragons

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  • Complete kit for growing edible plants for Bearded dragons
  • Kit includes a propagator base and lid, seed trays, soil, plus instructions
  • Contains enough seed for 4 sowings
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This is a complete kit for growing edible plants for Bearded Dragons, and contains the seeds, tray, propagator and compost - great to get going! Of course, there are instructions included as well!

Bearded Dragons need plenty of vegetation in their diet, so getting the right nutrition for them is of great importance. From youngsters they may not show as much interest in it, but this will become more and more important as they grow, whilst still getting their livefood as well.

This kit allows you to grow and provide the very best in vegetation to your Dragon, knowing that the food is of best quality and without any fertilisers or pesticides. This kits contains enough seeds for 4 lots of sowing, and refill seeds are easily purchased to continue to make the most of this equipment.

Included in here are a mixture of wild plants, specially selected for Bearded Dragons, such as annual and perennial plants to provide great food throughout the year. Ideally once grown harvest these leaves can be fed straight away, and then reuse the kit with your next set of seeds.

A seed refill kit contains enough to sow 20 trays of plants, or can be used outside to grow in a larger environment as well, making this kit very cost efficient compared to poorer quality shop purchased veg.

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