ProRep Bio Life DESERT

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ProReps' Bio Life range includes this DESERT style, a perfect combination for planted eco systems for arid condition, great for desert species such as skinks, leopard geckos or collard lizards and other ground.


  • Bio Life DESERT - 10 Litres
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Product Information

This range from ProRep includes the Bio Life DESERT - an ideal creation for building an ecosystem and planted terrarium for arid desert species.

This substrate is an ideal mixture of soils and sands, all created with the pH level required to ensure that living creatures and helpful bacteria, such as springtails and woodlice, can thrive and maintain the cleanliness required for the terrarium.

The rich substrate also means that it encourages plant growth, and with the correct lighting in place, they can create a beautiful planted system that will look beautiful in any room.


Ideally used in a glass or plastic terrarium so that no moisture damage can occur. Allow the substrate to dry so as not to create a humid atmosphere - water plants or damp sections in patches. Best used with a drainage layer underneath of around 5cm, with a mesh layer to prevent the substrate from seeping in.

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