ProRep Bug Grub

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ProRep Bug Grub helps your ensure your reptile's livefood is as nutritious as possible. Feeding your livefood before you feed you reptile means that your reptile benefits from even higher levels of nutrition.


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Product Information

Having a good Bug Grub on hand like this one from ProRep is essential to keeping a healthy population of feeder insects for your reptiles to enjoy.

You are what you eat, and this is just as true for reptiles, so when feeding them livefood insects like locusts and crickets you need to ensure that the feeder-insects are as nutritious as possible for your reptile, and you can do that by feeding them ProRep Bug Grub.

Not only will the bugs enjoy it, but it contains plenty of important nutrients that will be in the insect's tissues and gut by the time your reptile gets round to eating them, ensuring your feeder insects are of the highest nutritional quality when they are eaten.

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