ProRep Ceramic Heater Guard

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ProRep Ceramic Heater Guard is designed to keep your reptile from burning itself on the fearsome heat of a ceramic heat lamp. Heating is important for reptiles, but not so much that they get burned!


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Product Information

While your reptile needs plenty of ambient heat and hot spots in their vivarium or terrarium, coming into direct content with heating equipment can be dangerous, and these ProRep Ceramic Heater Guards are often essential items to protect your reptile from harm.

To create a warm ambient air temperature in your reptile terrarium or vivarium, your ceramic heater has to get pretty hot, like the ceramic tops on an electric oven and coming into contact with the heating elements can give your reptile some pretty nasty burns.

Available in black or white to suit your reptile home set-up, these galvanised metal heat guards are easily screwed into place and force your reptile to maintain a safe distance between themselves and their heating equipment, avoiding the risk of serious burns.

Size: 12x12x22cm (W x L x H)

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