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Reptiles like bearded dragons are among the closest living relatives of the mighty dinosaurs and now they can be reunited. Both desert and rainforest vivariums will look fantastic with one of these striking ornaments.


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Product Information

ProReo Dinosaur Skull is the remains of the mighty Triceratops, the great three horned beast that lived 68 millions years ago in North America.

A desert habitat like you would keep for a bearded dragon or leopard gecko would look fabulous with this mighty skull as a stark feature. Imagine a rock, a cactus and a dinosaur skull - a real wild west or outback desert with a difference.

Equally the skull will look great in a tropical terrarium. Like Jurassic Park or Indiana Jones, you can lift one leaf to find the reminded of the legacy of these great beasts.

Approx Size:

20cm x 13cm x 10cm (8" x 5" x 4")

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