ProRep Giant Beetle Breeding Kit

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These Beetle Kits from ProRep provide you with a complete kit for breeding or rearing beetles. These are contained tubs, which become the housing unit, and come equipped with everything you need - perfect!


  • Giant Beetle Breeding Kit
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Product Information

The Breeding Kit is ideal for keeping adult chafer beetles, and then rearing the larvae. The kit is the tub for the beetles to live in, and also contains matured leaf litter, and the food for adult beetles, along with some moss to keep things perfect. The substrate included is ideal for egg laying, providing with the safe and suitable place to breed. The tub itself comes complete with 2 holes, covered in mesh, to ensure great ventilation.

The Rearing Kit is ideal for adult chafer beetles, and also for rearing the larvae. This kit also comes complete with a well ventilated tub, as also the substrate and beetle food you will need. There is matured egg laying log, which is impregnated with a special fungus which essential for beetle larvae to thrive. There is also matured leaf litter, giving your beetles a great environment to live in.

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