ProRep Goat Skull

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The ProRep Goat Skull (which could equally be a buffalo skull or ram skull if you have a creative mind) adds a devilish touch to your vivarium, giving a little salute to mother nature's predator/prey system in your reptile home.


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Product Information

The ProRep Goat Skull is ideal for any vivarium. We can imagine a corn snake or ball python curling round this skull but it is equally good for geckos and other lizards.

Not only does it add decor and interest to your viv but also adds a realistic touch to certain habitats. We can well imagine a bearded dragon in the Aussie Outback seeing a skull like this in the baking heat.

The skull is realistic and the horns are painted darker than the skull.


20cm x 10cm x 16cm (8" x 4" x6.5")

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