ProRep Jelly Pot Holder

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The ProRep Jelly Pot Holder is designed to hold either one or two pots of jelly for your livefood or reptiles, giving your reptiles an easy way to get their favourite feed, without it spilling over and mixing with substrate.


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Product Information

Arboreal reptiles like crested geckos, anoles and more better enjoy their food when it is placed up high in their vegetation canopy, where they feel more at home and are better camouflaged from predators - not that there are many of them at home in your vivarium, but try telling them that!

However, placing fruit jelly pots high up can be difficult without the proper equipment, like this ProRep Jelly Pot Holder. Made of high quality and transparent plastics, it has two sucker-pads that allow you to easily fix the holder to the wall of your terrarium wherever you should wish, with plenty of room for two ProRep gel pots and any others that fit.

Because it uses suction pads, it means you can vary where your reptile's food is placed, allowing them to hunt more naturally.

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    Date 07/03/2017 21:03pm
    ProRep Jelly Pot Holder Single
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    Smaller than anticipated :(
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    Date 13/05/2016 09:05am
    ProRep Jelly Pot Holder Single
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    Easy to pot on and looks cool too