ProRep Jelly Pot Holder

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These naturalistic looking Jelly Pot Holders from ProRep offer the best in stylish decoration whilst giving great function to your vivarium as well. These suit most set up and come in a choice of sizes to suit your enclosures and species.


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Product Information

These are designed for any size Jelly Pot, and come in a choice of Single, Double or Triple holder, meaning that your Jelly Pots are kept safe and stable, and no longer knocked over and spread across the vivarium.

These resin holders and attractive and simplistic, as well as being easy to clean. They are made from a top food grade resin that is easy to wipe clean, though can be disinfected thoroughly, safely.

Sizes Single: 8x5x2.5cm deep Double: 11x9x2.5cm deep Triple: 15.5x12x4cm deep

Product Specification

Product Size
ProRep Resin Jelly Holder Single 8x5x2.5cm
ProRep Resin Jelly Holder Double 11x9x2.5cm
ProRep Resin Jelly Holder Triple 15.5x12x4cm

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