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The new Livefood Care Kits from the award winning Pro Rep provide you with everything you need to sustain your livefood. These kits include a "cricket keeper" tank which could easily hold 1,000 insects.


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Product Information

Taking care of your insects prolongs their shelf-life and makes them more nutritious for your reptile, and you can take complete care of them with a ProRep Livefood Care Kit - everything you need to keep them healthy and nutritious.

The best deals on feeder-insects are available when you buy in bulk, but to get the best out of your livefood you need to ensure they are healthy and have a good nutritional quality for feeding time. First of all, you need somewhere to keep them, and this ProRep Insect Care Kit all comes in a dispenser, not too dissimilar to an ordinary Kricket Keeper - it's a safe place where you feeder-insects can live and reduces the chance of escape. It also features handy dispensing tubes from when you need to grab a few locusts or crickets for your reptile to eat.

It also contains all the bug food, water and calcium dust supplements you need to ensure your livefood is a nutritious snack for your reptile:

Included in the kit:

  • Tank with Dispenser (similar to Kricket Keeper)
  • ProRep Bug Grub - aids nutritional content
  • ProRep Bug Gel - hydrates the bugs with no risk of drowning
  • ProRep Calci Dust calcium supplement - boosts the calcium content for your reptile
  • Plastic tongs - for easier handling
  • Dish for bug gel - to make it easier to keep things clean
  • Full instructions - to make sure you get the best out of your kit

Depending on the size of the insects, the small kit will hold around two tubs and the large will hold about six tubs worth.

At a glance:

  • Includes 'Kricket Keeper' tank
  • Comes with Bug Grub, Bug Gel and Calci Dust
  • Will hold upto 1,000 crickets
  • Keeps your bugs healthy
  • Will increase nutritional value your reptile's meal

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