ProRep ProTect Sanitising Hand Gel

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ProRep ProTect Sanitising Hand Gel helps you remove germs before and after handling your reptiles, as well as any lingering food smells that might confuse your pet into striking at a finger!


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Product Information

A must for any reptile enthusiast who wants to give the best protection to their reps, ProRep ProTect Sanitising Hand Gel is easier than using soap and water - it can be kept in your reptile room for instant cleansing of your hands, both before and after handling your reptile and their environment.

Cleaning your hands of bacteria before you handle your reptile prevents you from accidently introducing pathogens into your reptile's habitat, which otherwise have the potential to make them ill, while using it afterwards too means you avoid the risk of cross-contamination between reptiles and from picking up the bacteria yourself, like salmonella.

Unique to ProRep, ProTect Hand Gel destroys 99.9% of the commonly found bacteria, mould and viruses in your reptile vivarium or terrarium, leaving your hands clean and harmless to everyone.


  • Clean hands before, during and after handling pets
  • Protects against Salmonella
  • Effective against 99% of bacteria and viruses
  • Alcohol free
  • Handy dispenser

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